Renegade Health Magazine, Summer 2023 (Digital Version)

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The health care system doesn’t help you get healthy. But we do.

Renegade Health Magazine was founded with one goal: to help everyone improve their health with real, proven facts, not clouded by ulterior motives or Big Pharma threats.

In this summer edition, you get 30 articles jam-packed with tangible health advice that you can start using today to improve the quality of your life.

Who’s behind these articles?

They’re not doctors. They don’t have prestigious credentials. But they also aren’t funded by Big Pharma, Big Ag, or Big Academia.

They have proven track records of getting results for the average person.

This issue covers proven medicinal solutions, active physical therapy (no pill-popping here!), reducing stress, improving your sleep, growing your own food (food is healthcare!), and much more. The health information space is broken. Renegade Health Magazine is taking the first steps toward fixing it.

Read this summer issue now and see for yourself!

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Magazine contents include:


  • Who Spiked Your Balls? by Dr. Lynn Fynn
  • Modern Life Mitigation & Circadian Reset by BH3
  • Should I See a Naturopathic Physician? by Dr. Alan Bradford, NMD
  • Disc Herniation: To Cut, or Not to Cut? by Andrew Lehn, MD 
  • Mitochondria: The Missing Piece in Health Care by Anonymous
  • How Medical Guidelines Work by BowTied Loon


  • Serum, Moisturizer, and How to Use Them by BowTied Fawn

Mental Health

  • My Journey Through Drug Addiction by Alex Cherry
  • Why Man Needs Emotion by The Trauma Guy
  • Your Daily Meditation Practice by BowTied Fighter
  • Zookeeping ADHD by Jordan Taylor


  • Is Our Medical System Beyond Hope? by Brian Lenzkes
  • Understanding Your Cost of Care by BowTied CEO
  • The Bitcoin Cure by Anonymous
  • What Is Value Based Care? by BowTied Tree Frog
  • Coercion Is Not Consent by Mary Talley Bowden

Women's Health

  • Optimal Nutrition For Preconception and Gestation by Ariel Acevedo
  • Four Common Mistakes During Cycle Syncing and Menses by Ingri Pauline

Dental Health

  • Biting Into The Truth: How Our Environment Shapes Our Face by BowTied Gator
  • Crooked to Straight: Your Roadmap to Your Best Smile by Stephanie Steckel, DDS, MS

Physical Fitness

  • The FleX Theory of Power by Malcolm Flex
  • Avoiding Back Pain From Deadlifts by BowTied Bengal
  • Breathe Your Way To Better Health by Brian The Beard


  • Conquer Your Sleep Disorder: Part II by BowTied Hermit Crab


  • Warning: The “Red Pill” is True (sort of) by Leila Tomasone


  • Meet Your Protein Demands by Harsh Strongman (LifeMathMoney)


  • Take Control of Your Food Chain by BowTied Farmer
  • Get Prepared for The Cold and Flu Season by BowTied Mrs Garden
  • The Principles of Regenerative Agriculture by Ryan Griggs
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Renegade Health Magazine, Summer 2023

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Renegade Health Magazine, Summer 2023 (Digital Version)

4 ratings
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