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Renegade Health Magazine, Spring 2023 (Digital Version)

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The healthcare system doesn’t help you get healthy. But we do.

Renegade Health Magazine was founded with one goal: to help everyone improve their health with real, proven facts not clouded by ulterior motives or Big Pharma threats.

In this inaugural edition, you get 30 articles jam-packed with tangible health advice that you can start using today to improve the quality of your life.

Who’s behind these articles?

They’re not doctors. They don’t have prestigious credentials. But they also aren’t funded by Big Pharma, Big Ag, or Big Academia.

They have proven track records of getting results for the average person.

This issue covers proven medicinal solutions, active physical therapy (no pill-popping here!), reducing stress, improving your sleep, growing your own food (food is healthcare!), and much more. The health information space is broken. Renegade Health Magazine is taking the first steps toward fixing it.

Read this first issue now and see for yourself!

Paper copies can be purchased here.

In This Issue:

Physical Therapy

  • Fix Your Knee Pain with Simple Strategies by Alexander Cortes
  • Restore Lost Range of Motion In Any Joint by BowTied Kobra
  • Understanding Shoulder Impingement by BowTied Bengal
  • Building Stronger, Denser Bones for Life by Hybrid Athlete
  • The Site of the Pain Is Never the Source by Alexandre Bernier

Weight Training

  • Strength Prevents Dying by Marc Lobliner
  • Building a Legit Natural Physique by Francis Melia


  • Practical and Delicious Meal Prep by BowTied Octopod


  • To Medicate or Not To Medicate; That is the Question by Abud Bakri
  • Anxiety and OCD Protocol: GABA Quantum Revitalization by Grimhood
  • The Importance of Optimal Estrogen Levels in Men by BowTied Biohacker
  • How to Avoid A Heart Attack by Philip Ovadia
  • Finding A Physician to Optimize Your Health by BowTied Loon
  • My Diabetes Journey by Benjamin Braddock
  • Diabetes Damages The Heart by Brady Holmer
  • Healthy Mother, Healthy Baby by Dr. Bryan
  • Revival of The Hippocratic Oath by Remnant MD


  • Conquer Your Sleep Disorder by BowTied Hermit Crab
  • The Effects of Mold on Circadian Rhythm by Andra Sitoianu
  • Early Morning & Late Night Phone Use Is Destroying Your Health by RootCause Doctor

Mental Health

  • The Dismal State of Youth Mental Health by Cultivating Chi
  • Four Pillars of Stress by John Constas

Skin & Teeth

  • Can I Use Moisturizer After Niacinamide? by BowTied Fawn
  • Digging Deeper into the Oral Microbiome by BowTied Gator DDS


  • Love in the Time of Dating Apps by BowTied Cuda


  • 7 Herbs for Your Kitchen Apothecary by BowTied Mrs. Garden
  • Where Does Your Apothecary Grow? by BowTied Garden


  • A Better Approach to Buying Supplements by BowTied Grey
  • Ditch Your Multivitamin by BowTied Vitamins


  • DEI is the Death Knell for Medicine by Doc Anarchy

Paper copies can be purchased here!

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Renegade Health Magazine, Spring 2023 (Digital Version)

17 ratings
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